Everything You Need to Know About Ebikes

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Are you looking for an exciting and accessible way to commute to work? Or maybe you’re longing to explore the outdoors without the strain traditional bicycles put on your body? Then, consider investing in an ebike!

Ebikes (also known as electric bicycles) are an innovative form of transport that have experienced a massive surge in popularity over the years, quickly becoming one of the most efficient forms of transportation available. They merge the fun of cycling with the ease of an electric motor. This combination offers riders an incredibly convenient and eco-friendly form of transportation without sacrificing the joy of exploring outside. As a result, this recent technology has revolutionized what it means to ride a bike. Ebikes provide an incredible range of options that can satisfy any rider, from leisurely rides around town to intense mountain biking adventures. 

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You may be curious about how ebikes work or wonder why they're worth the price. On top of power assist pedaling, recent iterations of the ebike are more advanced than ever. These vehicles are changing the way people tackle local travel. 

To help you understand what makes ebikes so unique–and if they're suitable for your lifestyle–we've gathered all you need to know about them. How do they work? Where and when can you ride them? Are they safe? Do you need a license? All your questions, answered below:

How Do Ebikes Work?

You may wonder if an ebike is right for you, so let's explore what they are, how they work, and how they can improve your daily life. Ebikes are the best option for anyone seeking an eco-friendly and efficient way to get around. Traditional bicycles require substantial effort to maneuver, especially when pedaling uphill.  

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But with electronic-assist pedaling, you can cross 15 miles without too much effort! Equipped with an onboard motor that makes pedaling much easier, ebike riders will exert less effort when climbing inclines or traveling long distances. The assistance levels can be adjusted according to your ride style, whether you need added support for longer treks or are just a casual rider. With this customizable design, ebikes adapt to the needs of every rider.  

Additionally, display consoles that show speed, battery life, and current gear transmission make using the ebike even more convenient. In short, electric bikes have become an increasingly viable option for short-distance commuters and hobbyists alike because they're so convenient!  

And here's the best part: These energy-efficient bikes minimize both sound and air pollution, unlike gas-powered motorcycles. Think of all of the gas money you'll be saving on fuel! And as cities continue to adopt "Go Green" initiatives with bike paths and ordinances, more people will switch to electric bikes to make short trips to the store or to work. 

So whether you're interested in cycling around your neighborhood or need an eco-friendly way to get to work, it's never too late to switch to an ebike!  

How Much Do Ebikes Cost?    

While riding an ebike can be incredibly fun, paying for one can seem daunting to the average consumer. The cost of ebikes varies depending on their features, including their battery size, brand, motor type, weight, and braking system. On the low end, expect to pay around $1,500, but options with luxury features easily surpass $3,000. Professional riders may consider more advanced models that cost upwards of $8,000!  

Of course, there's no need to drop nearly $10k on an ebike as a casual rider, but regardless of experience, every cyclist should make a list of "must-haves" they can shape their budget around. In short, jumping on the cheapest model may save you a few dollars upfront, but investing in bikes with higher-quality features is more cost-effective in the long run.  

Ebike Features to Consider

Here are a few features to look out for when shopping for your new ebike. We understand that saving money is on everyone's mind, but you want to take advantage of essential features that will extend the life of your bike. For instance, ebikes fitted with hydraulic disc brakes are inherently better than ones with mechanical brakes because of their "superior modulation," which is a fancy way of saying that they can brake faster and smoother at higher speeds.  

Be sure the ebike has both front and rear lights in order to ensure rider safety. A leather grip is also ideal both for comfort and moisture-repelling properties. High quality derailleurs (the mechanism that shifts gears between sprockets) last longer when they're a name brand, like Shimano. One of the most important features to invest in is a premium fat tire, built for comfort and safety. 

Also, check for name-brand batteries like Samsung to ensure a long lifespan. High-quality batteries last up to 5 years before needing a replacement and only need to recharge every 75 miles, while cheap batteries will die out after just a couple of years. As for portability, always choose an ebike that is about 30 pounds with a foldable design. These features might seem trivial, but they will save you hundreds on repairs and make traveling with your bike a breeze.  

Emerald Bike being folded and stored in the back of a vehicle

Are Ebikes Safe?

Not only are ebikes a great way to reduce carbon emissions and save money on fuel, but they're also safe for regular use as long as riders follow proper precautions. Ebikes require no license or registration to operate, although wearing a helmet on certain ebikes is required by law (NOTE: Children below 16 years of age are not allowed to operate ebikes).

Electric bikes can travel up to 24 miles per hour, sometimes faster, so riders should always wear protective gear, use proper lighting, and be aware of their surroundings when riding. Some ebikes are fitted with powerful light bulbs to increase visibility at night, so keep an eye out for models that include those features.  

Properly maintaining your ebike is also essential for safety. Anything powered by electricity poses health risks, so every user must take ebike safety very seriously. In between routine checkups, ebikes should be stored in a cool, dry space with low humidity, such as a garage or shed. 

Also, check your neighborhood's local restrictions on where ebikes are allowed to travel. In most cities, electric vehicles are allowed on bike paths and roads but are prohibited on sidewalks due to high pedestrian traffic. Additional safety measures such as "adjustable torque" and "built-in shock absorbers" make them more durable than other motorized alternatives on the market. Ultimately, as long as you follow basic safety measures, ebikes have repeatedly proven to be a secure option for cyclists of all skill levels. 

Ebikes for City Riding

The ebike is the perfect form of transportation for people living in cities as they provide the convenience of traveling quickly, being kind to the environment, and being super portable. In addition, using an ebike can significantly reduce the average commuter's carbon footprint by ditching gas-powered vehicles altogether.  

Plus, ebike owners can save on rising fuel costs associated with traditional commuting, and it's rumored that ebikes will also come with special incentives, such as tax deductions. With a wide range of products available on the market, city commuters are sure to find the ebike that works for them, no matter their budget.  

All in all, an ebike is an excellent investment for those wanting a reliable and eco-friendly method to commute to work in the city on their own schedule.  

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Ebikes are for Everyone

You may live in the suburbs and seek a convenient and enjoyable means to exercise outdoors without all the fuss of traditional cycling. Investing in an ebike is the perfect way to make your daily workout practical and fun. Ebikes are ideal for short trips around the neighborhood, so they are a great recreational outlet for you and your friends. Plus, they are just as fast as regular bikes, making them perfect for commuting to and from work or running errands around town.  

And for all the outdoorsmen reading, ebikes aren't just for neighborhoods. You can use them for hunting, fishing, and overlanding, too. They're lightweight, so you don't have to worry about getting weighed down while exploring. Plus, you can cover more ground with an ebike than a traditional bike, which means using all the time you saved traveling to enjoy being outdoors!

With so many great safety features and portable designs, ebikes are worth the investment for anyone looking for a sustainable and fun way to get around town.  

So, what are you waiting for? At this point, there's no reason not to try an ebike for yourself. Grab your friends and go for a ride!

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