How to Transport Your Emerald Ebike

Man transporting Emerald Ebike in back of car

The Emerald ebike is built for riding pretty much anywhere, but if you plan on traveling with it, you may be wondering about how you can safely transport it for your next weekend vacation out of town or summer camping trip. Fortunately, the Emerald ebike is easy to transport since it’s foldable and durable. If you are looking for tips on traveling with your Emerald ebike or how to transport electric bikes in general, here are some tips you can follow.

Transporting in the Car

Transporting your ebike is safest in the back of your vehicle, whether that’s a van, SUV, hatchback, or sedan. The Emerald ebike should fit in the trunk of most vehicles because of its ability to fold. If your electric bike doesn’t fold, you may find getting your bike in and out of your trunk a bit trickier.

Alright, let's break it down! If you are working with a smaller space, you’ll definitely want to fold your Emerald ebike. While it involves a few steps, it can be done in a matter of seconds. First, you want to lower the position of the handlebars to the lowest point. Loosen the butterfly lever at the base and press the silver pin upward to release the lever. You can then fold the handlebars so that the Emerald ebike can lay flat in your trunk.

Removing the battery will also make for easier storage. Stick the key into the battery lock and give it a twist to the left to unlock the battery. Pull the battery out of its holder and stash it wherever you need to.

Next, make sure the pedals are sticking out to the sides. Then, find the little red tab on the frame hinge lever and press it down. That'll loosen up the hinge so you can fold the bike. You'll know you did it right when you hear a little click. Now, hop on over to the side with the hinge and put the kickstand down. Tip the bike forward so it's resting on the right side.

Then, use your right foot to press down on the back of the frame behind the hinge while you lift up the front of the bike by grabbing the wheel. Keep going until the bike is all folded up. Just make sure you put the pedals in the right spot, so they don't get caught on anything.

Using a rack to transport an Emerald Ebike

Using a Rack

If you don’t want to have to fold your electric bike, you can always purchase a bike rack but be sure that the bike rack can accommodate the weight of your Emerald bike. With the battery, the Emerald weighs about 70 pounds and without it, it weighs around 62 pounds.

The best bike racks to use for an electric bike are hitch-mounted or platform-style racks as they don’t require as much lift and they generally hold more weight, which is especially important if you plan to mount anything to your ebike.

Make sure that your electric bike is properly secured to the straps of your rack. And better yet, put a lock on it. Not only will it be more secure but it will prevent theft. You may also want to put a cover over your electric bike, not only to protect it from the weather but any dust and debris that you encounter while traveling.

Time To Go

In conclusion, the Emerald ebike is a versatile mode of transportation that is not only durable and foldable but also easy to transport. Whether you plan on traveling with it in the back of your car or on a bike rack, following the tips mentioned above will ensure that your bike stays safe and secure during your travels. With its lightweight design and easy-to-follow folding process, the Emerald ebike is the perfect companion for any weekend getaway or camping trip. So get out there and explore the great outdoors with your Emerald ebike!

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