Must-Have Cargo Accessories for Ebikes

Must-Have Cargo Accessories for Ebikes

If you are an ebike owner, or are thinking of becoming one, cargo accessories are a great way to customize your ride and make it even more enjoyable! Not only can carrying extra gear allow for long-distance biking with the convenience of luggage storage – but having those special touches on your bike also show off how stylish and capable ebikes truly are.  

From baskets to bags and beyond, there’s plenty of options for any type of rider to find the perfect accessory for their electric bike. We introduce some of our favorite choices that will allow you to get around in style and enjoy every adventure.

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Panni-what? Panniers are stylish and functional bags that attach to ebikes, providing a secure and convenient way to carry extra cargo. They're designed to fit on either side of the rear tire and keep items safe with adjustable straps and clips. 

The benefits of panniers extend beyond convenience; they can also help you maintain balance, improve your bike's performance, and even reduce back pain and fatigue. There are many different panniers available today with features like weatherproof fabric, reflective stitching, bicycle-specific design and construction, lighter weight materials plus lockable inner compartments.  

When choosing panniers for your ebike, there is no one size fits all solution; so depending on your needs or preferences, you may want to look for panniers with spacious pockets, adjustable straps, or removable pouches. We recommend looking for quality panniers with lightweight materials built to last since these can provide reliable protection for frequent riders as well as convenience for casual commuters. 

A few of our top choices include:

  1. The Arkel Signature H Urban Pannier, specifically designed for the work commuter carrying a laptop every day. 
  2. The Ortlieb Twin City Pannier - Single, which can quickly convert to a shoulder bag for those looking to run some errands.
  3. The Grocery Pannier from Banjo Brothers, tailor-made for an effortless, enjoyable grocery run.

Electric bikes with baskets

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Baskets are a great addition to any electric bike, allowing riders to transport a variety of items with ease and convenience. They offer plenty of practical advantages, such as improved stability and aerodynamics, helping you keep up with the fast pace of everyday life.  

There are different baskets available for electric bikes, designed for various purposes and preferences; from more compact designs to baskets made from weather-resistant materials that provide extra durability. If you’re looking for the perfect baskets to match your needs, such as carrying your groceries, commuting gear, or laptop bag, then consider baskets that are waterproof and lightweight. For more adventurous cyclists who may require something durable enough to withstand difficult terrain, baskets with adjustable straps or clips can be great solutions that provide greater security along the way.  

As there is a wide range of baskets available on the market today, it would be wise to do some research in order to identify a suitable option based on your individual circumstances and needs. 

We started your research journey by checking out:

  1. The Dairyman Universal Rear Bicycle Basket, ideal for casual cruising or small grocery hauls.
  2. The Apollo Steel Bike Basket, which comes in every color imaginable and quickly detaches to become a stand-alone basket.
  3. And this cargo package from Electreck Ebikes, designed for the ultimate utility.


Trailers add an extra layer of practicality for ebikers, as they provide an easy and efficient way to transport goods such as shopping or camping equipment. With thoughtful design features like storage pockets and swift attach systems, trailers make it much easier to carry necessary supplies without sacrificing cost, time, and effort. 

Depending on what you need to carry, trailers come in various sizes and styles — from single-wheel trailers which are good for narrow pathways, all the way up to large box trailers which look like traditional wagons or bike trailers. You might also be interested in trailers with suspension that can keep your items safe even when you’re riding over rough terrain or bumpy surfaces.  

Ultimately, ebike trailers can be great companions; just make sure you select one that suits your budget and needs best. You can start by looking at:

  1. The Rover Hauler Cargo Bike Trailer, which includes a cover to protect your belongings from the weather.
  2. The Little Cub Hauler Bike Trailer, which has a hitch and swing arm to act as a trailer to pull behind your bike OR you can swing the arm under and push it as a stroller.
  3. And the eXcursion Dual Wheel eBike Trailer, a heavy duty option for your hunting, camping, beaching, shopping, or delivery excursions.

Cargo Straps

If you’re investing in a trailer, it probably means you also need some cargo straps. Nothing is worse than losing something while driving down the highway. Unless of course, that’s were going for? 

But we know that’s NOT what you were going for, so we took the time to scope out some of the best tie-downs we could find. There’s a variety of straps on the market, with varying straps widths, attachment styles, and materials. You can choose from ratchet straps, cam straps, bungee cords, lashing straps, and more, depending on your specific needs. 

We recommend taking a look at:

  1. The M1.5 Phatty Tie-downs from Matrix, which come in a variety of colors and the option to add text/and or graphics.
  2. The Ratchet Tie-Down Set (4-Pack) from Rhino USA, which are lab-tested in the USA and offer the highest break strength rating available at 5,208lbs.
  3. And the AUGO Ratchet Tie Down Straps, a best seller on Amazon.
Cell Phone Mount on Ebike
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Other Cargo Accessories

Now it’s time for some accessories for the most precious cargo—yourself! Some of these serve dual purposes: comfort and safety. So while they may not seem essential at first, once you think about how much of an upgrade having these accessories will be, you’ll decide they’re a must-have.

Passenger bar

For a more stable, secure ride for those along for the adventure, a passenger bar is just the thing. We recommend the Momentum PakYak E+ Passenger Bar as a comfy option.

Foot rest

Whether it’s a brief trip across town or a more extended ride, your friend on the back of the ebike is going to want a foot rest. We believe simplicity is the route to go here, so we recommend this pair of universal folding foot pegs.

Cell phone mount

You don’t want to risk your phone falling out of your pocket while travelling, so it’s smart to invest in a good cell phone mount. We recommend checking out the Nite Ize Wraptor Rotating Smartphone Bar Mount which is a best seller.


There are many different types of cargo accessories available to ebikes like panniers, baskets, trailers, and cargo straps—meaning there is something suitable for any type of activity! With a good combination of them all, you can reach a new level of versatility while cycling. If you need extra space to store food from your local market or simply take your furry friend along with you—we have covered it all. 

Now that you know all about cargo accessories for ebikes, why not give them a try? With the right model for your needs and practicality in mind, these accessories will make your biking experience more enjoyable as they furnish important storage capabilities and free up valuable space on board. Not to mention that whatever accessories you choose will help amplify the overall performance of your ebike.

So go ahead and buy one or combine several items together to customize your own ebike story! 

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