Why Ebikes Are the Future of Sustainable Transportation—and How Emerald Will Get You There in Style

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Electric bikes (ebikes) are becoming increasingly popular in the United States, not only as a form of commuting to and from work but also for running errands, going out with friends—and even going on vacation. 

Carbon emissions have recently been on the rise, and one of the most significant factors contributing to the rise of carbon emissions is the transportation sector. Choosing an ebike over other modes of transportation is not only economical but greatly reduces your carbon footprint.

Read on to learn more about why ebikes are the future of sustainable transportation and how they make a positive impact on the environment. 

What Is an Ebike?

There might be confusion over regular bicycles, scooters, and motorcycles. Ebikes are “regular” bicycles that are equipped with motors that help you pedal. The motor receives power from a rechargeable battery that’s mounted on the bike. 

Unlike a motorcycle or scooter, where you don’t have to use your feet during transport, you still have to pedal when you’re using an ebike. The amount of effort and pedaling you put in depends on where you've set the controls and how hard you’re pedaling. In addition to being an efficient mode of transportation, people often use ebikes on tough mountain terrain or elevation to help make the ascent easier. As you’re pedaling, the ebike sensor measures the effort you’re putting in, and it matches that with the output of the motor. There are many different ebikes on the market to choose from, with different modes and levels of battery life.

Electric bike laws vary by municipality but, in general, in the United States, ebike motors can provide up to 20 mph of output. Once your ebike reaches 20 mph, the motor will no longer provide assistance. Of course, you can still continue to go faster under your own power. Most ebike motors have a maximum output of 250 watts. 

How Ebikes Help the Environment

One of the reasons ebikes are being coined the “future of sustainable transportation” is in part because they reduce your carbon footprint—significantly. There are a handful of ways ebikes help the environment. 

Compared to scooters and motorcycles, ebikes provide zero emissions because they don’t use any type of petrol—no gas or diesel. These substances emit carbon dioxide into the environment, which raises carbon emissions. Of course, scooters and motorcycles aren’t the main culprits when it comes to carbon emissions. Automobiles and other larger vehicles such as trucks release quite a bit of CO2.

Emerald Bike

Also, unlike other heavier vehicles, such as automobiles, ebikes are incredibly lightweight. Because of the weight difference, ebikes don’t harm roadways like other modes of transportation. The weight of cars and heavier trucks damages roads and costs taxpayers innumerable amounts when it comes to roadwork. 

Overall, ebikes help cut back on car use for an individual or family if the family members own bikes. A single charge equals about 20 to 30 miles of transportation, which is enough to get most people where they’re going and back daily. The batteries are simple to recharge as well. For longer trips, ebikes are extremely portable. Many of the modern models available are foldable, which means you can store them easily in your automobile for longer adventures.

In addition to some environmental factors, ebikes are also convenient for travel and leisure because of their compact size. If you’re traveling for a distance for fun, ebikes can go off-road and can access terrain that traditional automobiles cannot. Little by little, electric bikes are now being allowed in national parks, giving park goers more room to explore when they visit. Plus, in day-to-day life, having an ebike means you never have to worry about being in a traffic jam. Like a regular bike or motorcycle, you can bypass traffic easily to get to your destination on time. In essence, there are no more worries about being late for work or appointments. 

Personal Benefits of Ebikes

In addition to reducing your carbon footprint, ebikes can also offer personal benefits beyond the knowledge you’re helping the environment. Even though they are motor-powered, ebikes are still a viable choice for fitness and can help mountain bikers tackle more tough terrain. Also, as ebikes become more accepted and popular, they can fit in easily to any budget and are much less expensive than a scooter or motorcycle. 

Overall, cycling provides cardiovascular benefits, can promote better sleep patterns, strengthens legs, and can aid in mental health. They’re an optimal choice for the older generation or those who wish to live a less sedentary lifestyle. Even though they are partially powered, pedaling is still a requirement. 

Ebikes and the Future of Transport 

Ebikes are environmentally friendly, affordable, and offer health benefits, so it’s easy to see how they could be highlighted as the future of sustainable transportation. They are also becoming more accepted by policymakers as a sustainable and viable mode of transport, and you’ll find that, in larger cities, ebikes are becoming more and more accepted, and you may find ebike-friendly facilities and lanes.

There is also an increase in the use of ebikes, and vehicle manufacturers are taking notice. Automobile and vehicle manufacturers have been designing “greener” vehicles for years, and ebikes are a perfect choice because of their affordability and the efficient way they move through cities and traffic. The demand is increasing, prompting manufacturers to improve on current models and create new models for all ages and needs. Because of this growth, in future years, demand for ebikes should increase as the prices drop even lower, allowing them to be accessible to even more budgets. It’s estimated that ebike sales will increase by 75% over the next five years, as of 2021. 

Larger cities also have a need for better transportation systems. Traffic jams and high pollution are the norms, and ebikes offer a refreshing alternative, especially when commuting to work. Ebikes can be used for work as well, such as for food and grocery delivery services. Urban transport is still fairly limited to automobiles, buses, and regular bikes, and electric bicycles offer solutions to the public transportation problem within cities. Buses are crowded and undependable, and automobiles can be difficult to navigate in larger, crowded cities. Ebikes offer just the right amount of help with their powered motor to get you from place to place easily and quickly within a city. 

As the demand for ebikes is steadily rising, manufacturers are working on models that are a better fit for more rural areas as well, making them a top candidate for the future of sustainable transportation.

And that's where EMERALD comes in.

Emerald Bike

Introducing the Emerald Bike, the ebike anyone can ride while reducing their carbon footprint at an affordable price.

The features that set Emerald apart from the ebike pack:

  • Foldable Frame for Easy Storage
  • 20 MPH Max Motor Speed
  • 48V Samsung Battery
  • Premium Fat Tires, Shimano Gears, & Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Stylish, Genuine Leather Grips
  • Front & Rear Lights
  • Pedal Assist & Throttle
  • Two Color Options (White and Matte Black)
  • 30-55-Mile Range
  • Fast, Free Shipping in the Continental US
  • Ride Now, Pay Later Options
  • Comprehensive 5-Year Warranty

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