Why Ebikes are the Perfect Fit for Your Delivery Service

Man riding Emerald Ebike across a bridge for delivery services

When it comes to delivery in today’s world, getting there on time is everything. From groceries to consumer’s daily caffeine fix, more people are coming to rely on delivery services for both convenience and speed. For those living in the city, selecting the right mode for urban traveling is exceedingly important. Cars are just one way to get the job done, but new modes of transportation are making some headway into today’s market. 

An increasing number of people are using ebikes to commute to work, which offers both health and convenience benefits. But the real question is just what role do ebikes play for businesses, and moreover, delivery services? 

Here are some common questions about ebikes for the purpose of delivery services:

Can I Use An Ebike For Delivery? 

Ebikes are the perfect option for businesses that want to deliver goods in a timely and cost-effective manner. In cities especially, driving around town can be rather slow as you stop at every light and go up against traffic each and every day. You also have gasoline costs eating away at your budget. 

An ebike, or electric bike, is faster than bicycle travel and more agile, which means your couriers can transport goods more quickly and efficiently than ever before. 

On the downside, an ebike is not effective for all weather conditions, as you can’t ride them in the rain or snow. However, delivering goods this way is not ideal under these weather conditions anyway. 

Conveniences aside, there are some costs to consider. The upfront cost of purchasing an ebike versus a basic push bike is around $1K or more versus just a few hundred dollars. There are also maintenance costs to consider, varying from $50 to $100. On top of that you’ll have charging costs, but those will be minimal, just a couple dollars per charge at most.

All things considered, delivering faster also comes with a potential increase of business turnover. So, in short, yes you can use ebike for delivery. But what businesses will benefit the most from this? 

Man riding Emerald ebike across a bridge

What Delivery Services Will Benefit From Ebikes? 

Ebikes may not be ideal for large food orders such as groceries, but for smaller orders and takeout orders, ebikes can be a viable option as a mode for urban travel. When it comes to city riding, an ebike can have you delivering orders on the fly. Your “drivers” won’t be taking up time parking in and pulling out of spots and they can quickly hop from one destination to the next. 

Food delivery services like Door Dash and Uber Eats already have ebike riders on their payroll. Ebike riders also won’t waste time filling up their cars with gas but they will take up time charging their bike. Fortunately, you can go for miles and miles on an ebike before you need to charge. 

For more information about the cost-benefit relationship of ebikes, check out this guide, Are Ebikes Worth the Money? 

Can I Use An Ebike For Pizza Delivery? 

Ebikes can absolutely be used for pizza delivery, provided your bike is properly equipped. Back in 2019, Dominos launched an ebike program that implemented customized ebikes that could hold up to 12 large pizzas for delivery. It was a huge game-changer for the company in terms of delivery speed and cost-effectiveness. 

That being said, you will need to be sure that your bike is properly equipped to handle pizza orders before you can send out your riders with a full pizza order – that is unless your driver is super talented and can balance pizzas flawlessly on the top of their head. But assuming they can’t, you can purchase insulated pizza delivery bags that can be equipped on top of a bike rack. 

Which Ebike Has The Best Battery Power? 

The battery power for ebikes will vary from model to model. A good quality battery will not only provide you with greater range, but it will also offer more reliable power. Cheaper batteries degrade with every charge and that’s inevitable with any electric device. Nevertheless, the best batteries offer greater longevity that you’ll want to consider with your purchase.  

Emerald is the top choice because it offers fast charging, great range, and excellent motor to boot. Emerald uses a Samsung battery versus an off-brand with questionable reliability. It's affordable too and the best choice for businesses thanks to its low-maintenance design.

Cargo Accessories For An Ebike 

A bike rack will be an essential accessory for ebike delivery. Luckily, these are easy to find. You can also purchase a specially designed cargo ebike, but these will usually cost you an arm a and a leg. Your best bet is to purchase a regular ebike, like the Emerald, and then mount whatever accessories you need to get the job done. 

Front-mounted baskets and cargo shelves are also available but you’ll need to consider that if you equip devices in both the front and the back, throttling will be much more difficult with the extra weight. Another option is a bike trailer which will allow you to accommodate slightly larger orders and easily carry grocery items if need be. 

Man riding Emerald ebike down a rainbow-colored road

What are the Biking Rules of the Road for Ebikes? 

Ebike rules vary by state, but in California where you will most commonly find ebike users, the rules are pretty basic. A class III ebike provides assistance of up to 28 mph, which is about the fastest an ebike can travel. To operate one in the state of California, the rider must be at least 16 years of age. They must also wear a helmet, and you cannot transport any passengers. 

As to whether you can or cannot ride in a bike lane, that will vary depending on your local city’s ordinance. Generally, you can use ebikes in the bike lane. You can also ride it on the road but you’ll need to follow all of the road rules, including signaling and stopping at red lights. Be aware of your city’s laws as they will vary from location to location. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse, after all. 

In terms of safety, that’s entirely on you. Following the rules of the road will only get you so far. For your business, you’ll want to ensure your riders are practicing safe riding which not only means wearing their helmet but also knowing the bike. For more information and safety tips, we recommend this guide.

The Takeaway

When you choose an ebike for delivery, we recommend EMERALD, the perfect ebike for getting around town in a timely and efficient way, all while reducing your carbon footprint—in style and at an affordable price.

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  • Front & Rear Lights
  • Pedal Assist & Throttle
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