The Emerald Fold arrives 90% assembled. Watch our Assembly Video and review our instructions below for step-by-step, easy DIY assembly.


Step-by-Step Assembly

Step 1: Remove the Bike from the Box: 

  • To preserve the box, you can lift the bike out while holding the box down, but you’ll probably need another person to help you. 
  • If you aren’t concerned about the box, you can cut down the left and right sides at the corners so that you can fold the box open. This is an easier option if you are putting it together yourself. 
  • If you’d like to get started on charging the battery, read step 7 and remove it and plug it in to the wall. That way you’ll be closer to a ride when you are done installing. 

Step 2: Remove Packaging Materials:

  • To ensure safe delivery, we provide a lot of packing materials on our bikes. 
  • Gently remove these, taking care not to scratch the frame when you snip the zipties. 

Step 3: Unfold the Handlebars:

  • The handlebars of the Emerald Fold for easier transport and storage. 
  • Unfold them and snap the clasp to secure them. 
  • Note that it will look as if the angle is off. This is intentional as the clamp needs to be offset to allow for full turning.

Step 4: Insert the Saddle: 

  • The saddle slides into the seat tube. You’ll need to unclamp the quick release handle first, and then re-clamp it once you establish the right height. 
  • You can start with it all the way in and gradually raise it to find the right height once you are done. 
  • As you get more comfortable riding, you’ll generate more power (and have less knee pain) with a higher seat position. For optimum efficiency, your leg should be about 90% extended at the bottom of a pedal rotation. 

Step 5: Install the Front Light:

  • Light instructions here. 
  • placeholder

Step 6: Install the Front Wheel: 

  • Wheel instructions here. 
  • Placeholder

Step 7: Install the Battery:

  • Placeholder.
  • Note that you turn the key clockwise / counterclockwise. NOTE LOCKED POSITION
  • Battery will have some charge but charge for at least hour

Step 8: Turn the power on

  • When you have the battery properly installed, you can turn on the power. 
  • To do that do X, Y, and Z
  • You should see Q. 
  • Now the bike is almost ready to ride. 

Step 9: Safety Check

  • Before you ride, or ride far at all, you’ll want to do a quick safety check
  • Air in tires - should be between 15-20 PSI
  • Make sure front and rear brakes pinch the disc. You can do this by walking the bike around and trying both the front (left) and rear (right) handles
  • Check the kickstand bolts. Make sure that the kickstand is securely attached. 
  • Make sure your handlebars and seat are tightened appropriately 

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