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What Makes Us EMERALD

Discover the difference and reduce your carbon footprint with our foldable, cutting-edge ebike that boasts quality and performance. The Emerald Fold beats the leading competition. The proof is in the details.

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The front end of the Emerald E-bike with custom wheels.

Our Vision

Bike to the Future

EMERALD is an active lifestyle brand focusing on personal mobility and sporting with a flagship product, the foldable ebike. Our ebikes are powered to handle your daily life.

We set out to create a mode of transportation that anyone can ride at an affordable price. Through authenticity, we aspire to be the most fearless, innovative, and relentlessly inspirational global brand.

We're not just green. We're EMERALD.

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Neighborhood Adventures: Discovering Your Community with an Ebike

Neighborhood Adventures: Discovering Your Community with an Ebike

Neighborhood adventures with an ebike are a fantastic way to connect with your community and explore the wonders of your local area.

Emerald Fold Ebike on a bridge

Top 15 Bridges Bucket List for Your Ebike Adventures

No matter the reasoning, a picture of your ebike on, under, beside a bridge is something that ties you to others within the ebike community.

Effortless Journeys with the Emerald City Fold

Effortless Journeys with the Emerald City Fold

Designed to cater to the urbanite's need for practicality, this ebike boasts a magnesium alloy molded frame, a lightweight build, and a suite of impressive specifications that promise not just a co...

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